Camulos and the Warrior’s Grove

(This is a re-telling of what happened, but in a Night Before Christmas format, because I got tired of telling it the same way over and over for people to read).

T’was the night of healing, and all through the tegos (house), not a creature was stirring. Not even a lucotos (mouse).

Mon lubitias (my love) gifted me a Pictish Keymorphic sleeve tattoo, that took three sessions to complete. It was arduous trial, but it looks very neat.

After a time period of days, it healed, and I went to sleep. And like I said before, there was nary a peep.

At 3 in the morning, or so I gather, I received a vision of a man who uttered nothing but blather.

I look around the area, and saw it covered in leaves. An open field yet surrounded by trees. The leaves were bright and warmed colored like in autumn, and there was well in the middle with no discernable bottom.

Suddenly out of nowhere, a figure approached. It was then we all realized that fear had encroached.

Who was this figure, and why did he loom, over 7 or 8ft? Was he to be our doom? Sure enough, it was Him! The Ram Horned One Himself! Jolly violent Ol’ Camulos, not to be mistaken for an elf!

How Camulos appeared in the dream/theophany/vision to me.

His coat was made of the leaves from on the ground, and in His hand, He had La Tene era blade! I believe both of us let out sounds, but my compatriots presence he forbade!

“YOU ARE NOT WELCOME IN THE WARRIORS GROVE!” He bellowed. It was after that he charged at my fellow.

Grabbing my friend in His free hand, and proceeding to strike! Those Muay Thai knees, my friend did not like.

After a blitz of Martial Arts, the man’s termination came to be. For it was Camulos who ripped him in half, in full view for me to see.

T’was then I had awoke, from darkened eye’d slumber. Off to the bathroom, past the door made of lumber.

Having taken care of the toiletry needs, I went back to sleep. Nothing woke me after until morning, not even a peep.