Magusanus and the creation of Fighting Crafts

Magusanus, (Ogmios as He is known to the southerners, or Herakles to the Greeks) had been lying in a clearing located on the top of a great hill, warming his body to the sun. Doing so had caused Him to fall into a slumber with his club at His side, unaware of His surroundings.

As He dreamt, treachery was stirring around him. Soon, from the surrounding trees, innumerable Bugiûs circled the clearing. Beckoned by their Father and Master, Bugius, to avenge His humiliation at the hands of the Club Wielder, they quietly stepped towards their opponent, hoping to flog Him while he slept peacefully. As they crept, one had stumbled over a rock. Magusanus did not wake. Creeping closer, one had stepped on a branch that had been laid on the ground.Still, the Strong One did not wake.

Instead, the roar of His snores echoed in the Hills, which frightened the beasts encroaching on Him. Finally they had come to Him, and raised their arms to strike, when a single leaf dropped from a tree and drifted onto the His nose. His eyes popped open, and now aware of His predicament, jumped up into the sky to land in an open spot in the field. The Protector of Man had left His weapon where it had lain by miscalculation.

One of the Bugiûs had taken up the legendary armament. As He was about to be struck with his own weapon, Magusanus had created Wikocerdâ against His foes. Each movement created a new craft suited to each realm of combat. If one of the Bugiûs struck at Him with a kick, he would create Delgocerdâ (wrestling craft) and pull the opponent to the ground or throw them.

If one had struck at Him with a fist, He would create Siryocerdâ (Kicking craft) from outside its range. If a weapon would be used, He would disarm them and use each to create their own craft suitable against other weapons, and is how Cladebocerdâ (sword craft), Lorgocerdâ (staff/club craft) and Gaisocerdâ (spear craft) was born.

Against the countless foes, the Unyielding One invented more ways of dispatching offense and defense until there were no more to stand against Him. Lying on the ground defenseless, the Bugiûs finally relented. Picking themselves up after the defeat, to make their way back to their Father and Master.

In an act of magnanimity, Magusanus allowed them to leave peacefully, granting a boon to Bugius Himself, which then indebted Him to the Strong God in an uneasy rivalry. Thus far, the two gods have not come to meet each other face to face again and have no desire to do so for fear of impassioned and irreconcilable violence.